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What I learnt after 6 years, working in the IT industry

Abhimanyu Chauhan


In November of 2021, I completed 6 years in the IT industry. It was a weird journey, having its ups and downs. On multiple occasions I have been confused as to what I wanted from my career, as there are so many options like backend, frontend, dev-ops, full-stack and the list just goes on.

I started my career as a .net(C#) developer with Infosys, and being a naive fresher I thought C# was amazing and especially after using Visual Studio and the amazing IntelliSense it provides, I wanted to become a .net expert. Now after 6 years, all of my experience has been working with JS and building frontend apps in AngularJS(the OG one), Angular, React, and now will be transitioning to Vue.

This is me sharing some of the things I have learnt and feel are important to me and helped me grow, hope it might help you as well.

1: Play around with new technologies

You can only find the best flavour of candy, once you have tried most of them. Not a lot of people like to move out of their comfort zone, you just can’t say some technology is bad because others say it is, you have to try and get firsthand experience. Before landing to JS, I had worked on C#, Python, SQL, but it was when I used JS extensively with an AngularJS app, I realised how easy, fun yet complex JS is. I still take out time to learn new languages and technologies, who knows I might pivot to some other technology one day.

2: Take the deep dive

One thing is knowing what to use to solve a problem, but the difference between good and average coders, is knowing when to use some things, let’s say a function and how(the inner workings) that function actually works. For example Closures or IIFEs in JS, most people know what they do, but not a lot use them (as there is no use-case guide), and only a few will know how JS manages them. If you know the when and how the use-cases are simpler to create.

3: Variation is key

Let’s take basketball as an example, 100 people can dribble after some days of practice, 80 of them would start shooting from close range, 60 would start shooting from mid-range after some weeks of practice, 40 would start shooting 3 pointers after…



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